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Finding The Right Type of Counselling

Counselling pretty much revolves on the word ‘problems’. It doesn’t mean that they simply thrive in it and wishes that more and more people experience it but rather, they thrive on the fact that they solve them. Due to the various counselling focuses and forms, the problems addressed in each of them varies as well. There are a lot of types ranging from the generic psychological counselling to more specific subjects such as gender or sex. Here are some of the problems addressed by different kinds of counselling:

Couples Counselling

Relationships are beautiful but admittedly, they are also tough to maintain. And when the tough gets going, couples are usually dumbfounded on what to do to save the relationship. Some people think couples counselling is some sort of “Hail Mary” pass or last resort to save a dying relationship, and it usually is. Unfortunately, it does happen that people who were once madly in love fall out and go cold.

One of the most common reasons why couples go for counselling is when the trust between them breaks. This is a very heavy burden to carry and sometimes, it may become heavier for the couple to carry on their own. Broken trust usually stems from infidelity – whether sexual or emotional affairs - or lies and deception such as in financial or business matters. Counsellors can address this and help re-establish trust through different approaches.

Another reason is when couples encounter excessive and draining arguments. Arguments can be seen as a sign of a healthy relationship, after all, couples are not meant to be a mirror of each other so differences are sure to arise. But arguments should never dictate the flow of your relationship. If petty or dramatic arguments litter your daily lives together and it is getting more and more taxing to be around each other, it may be time to seek counselling.

On the other hand, the opposite of this can also be a sign of a problem. Again, we reiterate that arguments can mean a healthy relationship, so the lack of it or any exchange at all may signify a huge communication problem. If you or your partner is starting to become more emotionally closed off, this has to be addressed as well. After all, calm usually happens after a massive storm.

Aside from these, you can also seek marriage or couples counselling from a therapist like the one found here in South Yarra if you are already feeling that something is off in the relationship. If you cannot identify what is wrong but you are pretty sure that something is, counselling may be able to uncover things that are not visible for the both of you.

Gender Counselling

As our times are getting more progressive by the day, acceptance on the fact that there are more than just two genders is becoming a global phenomenon. Countries are now acknowledging this fact and thus, more and more people are having the courage to truly embrace who they really are. However, despite this freedom, gender identity issues remain ingrained within the people involved. It is a sad irony that sometimes, the world may accept you but you yourself still feel that you are living a lie. This is where visiting a gender or LGBTIQ counsellor such as this one can help you through transitioning or other gender issues you may be experiencing such as gender dysphoria. Gender dysphoria is the feeling when you feel high levels of unease and dissatisfaction with your gender and body. Fortunately, a counsellor can address this dysphoria and help the LGBTQ+ members love and accept themselves more.

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The Science Behind Making Protein Powders

In the world of bodybuilding and gym sessions, there is one thing that gets talked about more than equipment or diet regimens, its protein powders. You have probably seen bulk guys walking around with their containers of drinks and it would almost be safe to assume that those are protein shakes. They act as nutrition and bodybuilding supplements which helps in building muscles and help people achieve their required protein intake while avoiding additional fat mass and bad foods on the process. It does not have the most appealing of taste which is why it is usually mixed into a concoction of fruits or flavouring. Aside from building muscle, protein is also helpful when rebuilding muscles strained from workouts. Protein can speed up recovery and even reduce damage in the first place.

This superfood was developed by researchers identifying several substances and studying if whether its proteins are safe and beneficial for human consumption. Thus, protein powders was developed into several forms and servings such as whey protein, casein, and soy. More often, protein powders are created from a process called coagulation wherein the proteins are divided into liquid and solid particles.

Whey protein powders, the most popular, is the most widely available supplement you can find in any health food chain. It is made from the liquid left from when cow’s milk is processed and coagulated into cheese. The process begins with separating the components of milk and the leftover liquid from this is then taken, dried, and eventually turned into powder through a process such as dry blending. Being the most in-demand dietary supplement in the market, whey protein has been processed and developed through dry blending plants into different protein powders to accommodate the market’s different preferences. These are whey protein concentrate, isolates, and hydrolysates. The difference between these three depends on how much filtration the protein powder has gone through. Further filtration increases the amount of protein by the weight of the substance and some argues that the more filtered the product is (hydrolysate), the better it is for digestion and absorption.

There is also the casein protein which is also made from cow’s milk and is a by-product from the coagulation and cheese manufacturing. So if whey is 20% of the milk protein, casein has a big difference being 80% of it. The protein in it makes it longer to digest than whey and thus, the gut absorbs its protein at a slower rate. It helps the body synthesise protein longer and reduces muscle breakdown. The difference between these two protein powders makes their optimal time of consumption different as well. The faster-digesting form of whey means it is used best when right before a workout as opposed to casein’s slower form which means most people supplement it before bed.

Another alternative protein powders for vegans or for people who are lactose intolerant is soy protein powders as it is made entirely from dehulled soybeans instead of dairy. It is made from a similar process as whey wherein soy milk is coagulated and its leftover liquid is processed to powder form.

Manufacturing protein powders stemmed from people’s need of protein in a more sustainable and healthier way. Meat, the biggest source of protein, is tricky to prepare in a healthy consumption so researchers identified other sources and learned how to extract that substance alone in its most basic form. Protein powders, no matter how bland they do taste, will always be a staple health food.

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Things to Know Before Booking An Exercise Physiologist

Have you suffered an injury that is preventing you from returning to work or simply holding you back from living life to the fullest? Perhaps you have chronically weak bones and joints or medical conditions such as osteoporosis or arthritis. Alternatively, you may simply be an individual seeking to get the most out of your body by achieving a level of physical health, fitness, and agility that will allow you to all manner of goals and interests.

For any of the above reasons and more, you may be considering booking an appointment with an exercise physiologist. The answers to the following questions will help you prepare to take that step.

Is an exercise physiologist a doctor?

An exercise physiologist is not a medical doctor. The distinction here is quite straightforward: a medical doctor is someone who has completed a bachelor’s degree and has then been admitted to medical school to earn a medical degree. With eight years of study and another three to seven years spent completing a residency program at a hospital or clinic, it takes more than a decade to become a medical doctor.

On the other hand, an exercise physiologist can become an accredited and thus fully qualified health professional with either a four-year undergraduate degree in exercise science or complete an additional year for a Master of Exercise Physiology degree.

As an accredited health professional, an exercise physiologist helps patients regain, improve, or maintain good health and is qualified to assist patients with heart disease and other chronic conditions such as diabetes or lung, bone, and joint disease.

What is the difference between an exercise physiologist and a physiotherapist?

Firstly, compared to physiotherapy, exercise physiology is a considerably newer profession.

Similarly to an exercise physiologist, a physiotherapist is not a medical doctor and can become a fully qualified health professional with a four-year undergraduate degree or become a Master in five years. Additionally, a Doctor of Physiotherapy degree can be achieved in six years of study.

While there are many similarities between exercise physiologists and physiotherapists, especially in terms of studying the body’s physiological processes, the differences between the two professions reveal themselves primarily in the applications of this study.

A physiotherapist will first analyze their patient and determine the intensity of their condition and then apply practices such as therapeutic exercise and massage, joint mobilization and manipulation, or electrotherapy to treat these conditions.

An exercise physiologist, however, creates a treatment plan that incorporates continued analysis of a patient’s fitness as well as lifestyle changes and behaviour modification to improve overall vitality.

Where a physiotherapist will specialise in helping patients recover from or learn to live with chronic conditions, an exercise physiologist can also branch out into other areas relating to physical health and fitness. Some types of therapy that may be recommended include hydrotherapy which can be an excellent for treating sore muscles or joints, click this link if you are looking for a hydrotherapy pool in Brisbane.

In a way, you can see an exercise physiologist as a cross between a physiotherapist, personal trainer, and life coach. Besides being equally qualified to treat people who want to improve overall fitness as well as those suffering from injuries or chronic illness, an exercise physiologist can patients reevaluate their lifestyle, set goals, and maintain motivation.

What can you expect from an appointment with an exercise physiologist?

During your first appointment, the exercise physiologist will put together a dossier of your medical history as well as assess your current physical capabilities by asking you to perform a variety of activities. If you are from Brisbane and are looking for an exercise physiologist then I recommend visiting this clinic, these physiologists will help you set up goals and design a personalised program. Often, this program will involve performing exercises under close supervision although they may recommend things you can try on your own. 

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Understanding The Benefits Of Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy refers to water exercises that are performed in a heated pool. Hydrotherapy pools provide a comfortable and safe environment in which patients with muscle, joint, or bone diseases can exercise effectively.

Hydrotherapy is particularly helpful for those suffering from osteoporosis or arthritis as increased resistance from the water adds intensity to the exercises while the water’s buoyancy supports the body and reduces impact.

How can hydrotherapy benefit osteoporosis and arthritis patients?

Hydrotherapy can be effective in various areas and stages of treatment for osteoporosis and arthritis. Firstly, is it an effective form of injury prevention. By helping patients develop stability through core strength and improved balance, accidents and falls that lead to bone and joint injuries can be avoided.

Additionally, studies have shown that hydrotherapy eases the symptoms of osteoarthritis. By regularly performing strength-building exercises in a hydrotherapy pool, patients’ physical function improved and they were able to walk at a faster pace and for a greater distance. Another benefit of hydrotherapy, in particular, is that it improves cardiovascular fitness.

Performing strength-building exercises in a hydrotherapy pool instead of at a gym is especially helpful for patients with severe cases of the disease as it allows those who would otherwise be unable to handle a gym-based program to perform exercises that can build strength and help them get around the physical limitations of chronic conditions such as osteoporosis and arthritis.

Hydrotherapy pools

A hydrotherapy pool is heated to about 34 degrees Celsius; this relaxes the muscles and joints while keeping patients comfortably warm as they exercise. A heated pool is particularly beneficial for those who suffer from significant pain.

In addition to being warmer than a regular public swimming pool--which is usually heated to about 28 degrees Celsius--a hydrotherapy pool will also have ramps or steps that make it easy to get in and out of the water.

Hydrotherapy pools can be found around Brisbane in clinics, rehabilitation centres and some leisure complexes. If you have access to a hydrotherapy pool and an exercise physiologist they can help you design a hydrotherapy program and guide you through the exercises while closely monitoring your form and assessing your progress.

Exercises for osteoporosis and osteoarthritis

There are a number of ways in which patients can exercise in water, depending on the severity of the condition as well as physical capabilities, level of fitness, and personal interest.

One-on-one sessions with an exercise physiologist may be the most advisable approach for those who are either new to hydrotherapy or severely limited by their illness. The exercise physiologist will personally prescribe exercises for your condition and help you perform them properly. Over time, you may be able to continue these exercises on your own or in a group class.

If one-on-one sessions are no longer required, local hydrotherapy pools may have options for independent use. Additionally, many centers will have water exercises classes geared towards those with health conditions.

As fitness levels increase, and osteoporosis symptoms lessen, patients may be able to join water aerobics classes or simply swim laps at a public swimming pool, for consultations for osteo arthritis visit this website.

Hydrotherapy as rehabilitation for returning to work

If a case of osteoporosis or osteoarthritis has resulted in injury or become so severe that a patient can no longer perform their duties at work, their employer may order a fitness to return to work assessment, for which rehabilitation may be required.

Hydrotherapy exercises can effectively help such patients build strength and regain the physical function needed to pass such an assessment. The best course of action in such cases is to consult an exercise physiologist who can help you on the path to greater health and fitness.

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Should You Get Your Hair Analysed

While many may want to dispute the efficiency of hair mineral analysis, the truth is that a good number of naturopaths and even health professionals (the ones who care to defy their medical counterparts) will argue that it actually works. Hair mineral analysis is a test done by examining a few strands of a patient’s hair under a microscope. Blood vessels feed the base of each strand and during that time, the hair shaft absorbs chemicals from any drugs you might be taking or exposed to as well as the body's natural oils and sweat.

The analysis results can determine a lot about a person's health as well as lifestyle habits and is quite common with naturopaths and other integrative medicine practitioners. However, it is important to note that since various labs do the tests differently so the results may vary. Experts also say that the analysis is most helpful when paired with more tests that use more than just hair samples. The reason integrative medicine practitioners suggest or run a hair mineral analysis test is to determine the causes of an individual’s mineral imbalance so as to know how best to help you.  

Naturopaths have been known to suggest diet changes, exercise and herbal medicine to aid in the holistic process. This is mainly because mineral imbalance is usually caused by lifestyle factors such as improper diet, certain medications and stress as well as pollution.

With all the noise being made about hair tissue mineral analysis or HTMA as it is sometimes called, people may wonder, why not use blood? First of all, let us look at the obvious advantage which is the fact that hair can be obtained easily and painlessly. Apart from that, hair can be sent to the lab without the need of special handling equipment which is not the case with blood samples and fingerprints. In addition to this, clinical results have shown that properly obtained samples can give indications of a person's mineral status as well as the toxic metal accumulated in the body which is why it is the preferred test done by many natural medicine clinics.

So far, everything sounds great. After all, hair analysis is a painless, stress free test that, among other things, goes a long way in helping people lead healthier, better lives, right? However, there are still people who will ask, considering how common the analysis is, the question remains, is it really worth it?

A lot of people would say that it is worth it as it is safe and non-invasive, it helps in getting valuable health information that is usually not revealed in standard blood and urine tests and last but not least, it gives consistent statistics on more than 35 nutrient and toxic minerals and 25 vital mineral quotients.

A hair mineral analysis is vital and worth the effort because it gives a patient the right information as pertains to how much mineral intake you need, you can find more information on this site if you are from Perth. After all, minerals are essential for growth, healing, vitality and general wellbeing as they provide skeletal support and maintain the body's pH. And who would not want that?

Now that all is said and done, if someone was to walk up to me and ask if hair analysis is worth it, I would answer in a loud, resounding YES.

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