Counselling pretty much revolves on the word ‘problems’. It doesn’t mean that they simply thrive in it and wishes that more and more people experience it but rather, they thrive on the fact that they solve them. Due to the various counselling focuses and forms, the problems addressed in each of them varies as well. There are a lot of types ranging from the generic psychological counselling to more specific subjects such as gender or sex. Here are some of the problems addressed by different kinds of counselling:

Couples Counselling

Relationships are beautiful but admittedly, they are also tough to maintain. And when the tough gets going, couples are usually dumbfounded on what to do to save the relationship. Some people think couples counselling is some sort of “Hail Mary” pass or last resort to save a dying relationship, and it usually is. Unfortunately, it does happen that people who were once madly in love fall out and go cold.

One of the most common reasons why couples go for counselling is when the trust between them breaks. This is a very heavy burden to carry and sometimes, it may become heavier for the couple to carry on their own. Broken trust usually stems from infidelity – whether sexual or emotional affairs - or lies and deception such as in financial or business matters. Counsellors can address this and help re-establish trust through different approaches.

Another reason is when couples encounter excessive and draining arguments. Arguments can be seen as a sign of a healthy relationship, after all, couples are not meant to be a mirror of each other so differences are sure to arise. But arguments should never dictate the flow of your relationship. If petty or dramatic arguments litter your daily lives together and it is getting more and more taxing to be around each other, it may be time to seek counselling.

On the other hand, the opposite of this can also be a sign of a problem. Again, we reiterate that arguments can mean a healthy relationship, so the lack of it or any exchange at all may signify a huge communication problem. If you or your partner is starting to become more emotionally closed off, this has to be addressed as well. After all, calm usually happens after a massive storm.

Aside from these, you can also seek marriage or couples counselling from a therapist like the one found here in South Yarra if you are already feeling that something is off in the relationship. If you cannot identify what is wrong but you are pretty sure that something is, counselling may be able to uncover things that are not visible for the both of you.

Gender Counselling

As our times are getting more progressive by the day, acceptance on the fact that there are more than just two genders is becoming a global phenomenon. Countries are now acknowledging this fact and thus, more and more people are having the courage to truly embrace who they really are. However, despite this freedom, gender identity issues remain ingrained within the people involved. It is a sad irony that sometimes, the world may accept you but you yourself still feel that you are living a lie. This is where visiting a gender or LGBTIQ counsellor such as this one can help you through transitioning or other gender issues you may be experiencing such as gender dysphoria. Gender dysphoria is the feeling when you feel high levels of unease and dissatisfaction with your gender and body. Fortunately, a counsellor can address this dysphoria and help the LGBTQ+ members love and accept themselves more.